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There are bountiful amount of door prizes! As an attendee, you will receive a ticket for a door prize when you enter the tradeshow! Additional tickets may be accumulated by attending our seminars listed below (From start until finish).

Saturday May 8th 0900 to 1700

Hoskins Hall seminars generously sponsored by Pratt & Whitney


1000-1100 “Get Back in the Seat” - Hoskins Hall

Dean Paulson, CFII

Has it been a while since you’ve been behind the controls of an aircraft but you’re ready to get back in the seat?  Join experienced CFII Dean Paulson as he goes over the basics on what’s changed while you’ve been away and where to start with your refresher training.   


1115-1215 “Advocacy at Work” - Hoskins Hall

Adam White, Government and Legislative Affairs Advocate, Alaska Airmen Association

“Our voice for General Aviation”  Join Adam to learn what the Alaska Airmen Association is doing to promote and protect General Aviation in Alaska.  Share with Adam your questions, comments, or concerns and what you know of new issues facing aviators in our state.  


1200 - 1700 Crazy Heart Band - Palmer Municipal Airport

Local band from the Mat-Su valley will be performing live music at the airport.


1230-1330 “Advances in Aviation Weather Tools” - Hoskins Hall

Tom George, Alaska Regional Manager, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Weather is a major interest to pilots, whether they fly slow or fast, high or low.  In contrast to the rest of the country, Alaska has always experienced a shortage of weather reports suitable for aviation, which in turn impacts the forecasts we rely on for flight planning.  Fortunately, there is good news to report about increases in weather reporting, new types of weather observations being tested and new tools to deliver current and forecast weather conditions.  Some of these projects need pilots to help test and evaluate their products. This presentation will provide an overview of weather-related projects currently underway, a look-ahead at aviation weather in Alaska, and briefly touch on some other issues AOPA is working on that reach Alaska.


1330-1400 Water Bombing Demonstration - Palmer Municipal Airport

Alaska Division of Forestry

1345-1445 “The Art of Backcountry Flying: Slow Flight-Short Field” - Hoskins Hall

Lori MacNichol, Owner/Founder McCall Mountain Flying

This course will qualify for WINGS Credit Applicability:


1 Credit for Basic Knowledge

As Backcountry Pilot’s we “Slow Flight A-Lot” & Land Short!

This presentation will go into details of maneuvering during slow flight in your aircraft, address how to prevent loss of control. By providing tools; to learn the airplane’s cues while in the Slow Flight configuration, to smoothly manage coordinated flight and recognize the progressive signals that a stall may be imminent! 




1500-1530 “NextGen Scholarship Awards” - Craig Taylor Pavilion

A record breaking 24 scholarships will be awarded to aspiring pilots, mechanics, aviation management candidates!  Join us in celebrating the winners and learn how you can help support the Next Generation of aviators and industry professionals in Alaska. 


1500-1600 “Take Care of your Tailwheel” - Hoskins Hall

Gabe Niesen, Technical Sales and Product Specialist, Airframes Alaska

Airframes Alaska will provide an in-depth look at what you need to know to maintain and rebuild your tailwheel.  Their technical specialist will be prepared to answer your burning questions on how to reduce and prevent tailwheel shimmy, how to choose the right tailwheel tire for your aircraft, how often to rebuild your tailwheel and more.  

Sunday May 9th 1000 to 1700



0900-1300  1st Annual Aircraft Show and Shine Event Palmer Municipal Airport

Join in the fun by voting for your favorite aircraft or bringing your bird to show off!  Arrival and parking from 0900-1000, viewing from 1000-1230, judging at 1300.  Win bragging rights and fun prizes! 


1015-1115 “TFRs/ADIZ and Intercepts: How to avoid a fighter escort!” Hoskins Hall

Lt. Col. Matthew Housand, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

Discover the #1 reason general aviation aircraft are intercepted and how to avoid it. In this action-packed briefing you’ll learn practical steps to avoid Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) and what to do if you are intercepted. Join NORAD pilots in an informative and lively session that will keep you out of trouble, and off the evening news.


1130-1230 “The Basics of Aircraft Pre-heating” - Hoskins Hall

Doug Evink, President and Owner of Tanis Aircraft Products

Tanis Aircraft Products has been manufacturing aircraft preconditioning systems for almost 50 years.  We will share what we have learned, what we are currently working on, and installation does and don'ts.


1200 - 1700 Crazy Heart Band - Palmer Municipal Airport

Local band from the Mat-Su valley will be performing live music at the airport.


1245-1345 “Become an Aviator: A Step-by-Step Seminar” Hoskins Hall

Chris Palmer, Founder and Chief Flight Instructor, Angle of Attack

Thinking of becoming a pilot for fun? Want to take it beyond fun and make it a career? Join Chris Palmer for a fun presentation and discussion on aviation training in Alaska, and how you can start your journey to becoming a pilot TODAY.


1330-1400 Water Bombing Demonstration - Palmer Municipal Airport

Alaska Division of Forestry

1350-1405 “Gliders-The Gateway to Aviation!” Hoskins Hall

Sigge Mellerstig, C/2d Civil Air Patrol

Join 14-year-old glider pilot Sigge for a short as he shares his experiences.  This presentation is geared towards kids and explores the fun and mechanics of gliders. It showcases good ways to get into aviation, and why kids should be interested.


1415-1515 “Decision Making in Acrobatic Flying” - Hoskins Hall

Melissa Burns, Renowned Acrobatic Pilot and Assistant Professor at Embry Riddle University

As a woman in aviation and a mother she speaks on lessons learned through her acrobatic flying and sports.  Melissa's stories will entertain you while teaching you tools to better mitigate risk to be able to enjoy the freedom and thrills that the world of flying has to offer.   

1530-1600 “Victory 20W50” - Hoskins Hall

         Paul Swanson, Conoco Phillips (P66)

Conoco Phillips new Victory oil, information about multi-viscosity oil in General aviation, piston engines and the effects.

1630-1700 2021 Raffle Prize Drawing!!! AK State Fair Plaza

The winners will be drawn and announced live for over $350,000 in Raffle Prizes including the Grand Prize fully refurbished PA-18 Super Cub rebuilt by Acme Cub Training!  10 additional amazing prizes! Including:

    • Overnight Fly-In Package for 4 from Bent Prop Lodge
    • Set of 31” Alaska Bushwheel Tires from Airframes Alaska
    • Complete Float Plane Rating from Angel Aviation
    • 2 Praetor Flying Helmets
    • Garmin Aera760 GPS from Northern Lights Avionics
    • $1000 Gift Certificate from Northern Lights Avionics (2 chances to win)
    • ForeFlight Performance Subscription and Sentry ADS-B Receiver
    • 2 ANR Headsets with Bluetooth from Pacific Coast Avionics
    • Garmin Fenix 5X GPS Watch