What is Nextgen?

NextGen Logo (Updated)
"Leading the next generation of Aviators"

The NextGen Aviators Group is a group of millennials whose primary purpose is to increase youth interest in general aviation here in Alaska. Our group consists of pilots, mechanics, government, and air traffic controllers primarily within the millennial age group.

The intent behind having a variety of young industry representatives is to show all avenues of today's aviation industry to Alaskan youth and provide networking opportunities for up and coming industry professionals.

The Mission

Our mission is to connect and grow the next generation of Alaskan aviators by sharing our passion of aviation, fostering an environment of open communication and learning, and passing down the knowledge of those who came before us.

Our Values

Integrity - to be honest and have strong moral principles.

Passion - to have the constant drive to learn and improve.

Collaboration - Teamwork is essential for success.

Duty - To pass on a thriving and safe aviation system to the next generation.

Impact - To make a positive change in the aviation community.

NextGen Board Members

NextGen Logo (Updated)
Carol Zerbe
NextGen Logo (Updated)
Kevin Campbell
Board of Directors Liaison
Jackie Mass

NextGen Events

For any questions please email nextgen@alaskaairmen.org