Selection Process

Get to know the how and who is selected


Selection Process

Get to know the how and who is selected

how to create a competitive application


Thoroughly Understand Scholarship Criteria: Take time to understand the specific criteria for the scholarship. This might include academic achievements, involvement in the field of aviation, contributions to the Alaskan community, or other specific requirements.


Highlight Your Passion and Interest: Clearly express your genuine passion or new found interest for Aviation. Discuss experiences or moments that ignited your interest in this field and how this scholarship could further your goals. However, it is not only passion for aviation that makes a great application.  Passion and dedication to any area of interest in your life is valuable to the selection committee.  Write about a time that you overcame an obstacle or achieved something great in any area of your life.


Community Involvement: Highlight any involvement or initiatives you've undertaken within the Alaskan Aviation community. This could be volunteering, participating in the Association's events and activities, or contributing to projects related to aviation's betterment in Alaska. If you attended or volunteered at this year's Gathering, let us know and share your experience.


Academic and Extracurricular Achievements: Showcase your academic achievements and how they align with your interest in aviation. Also, highlight any extracurricular activities, internships, or projects you've been involved in that demonstrate your commitment and skill in the field of aviation or another area where you excel.


Strong Recommendations: Obtain strong letters of recommendation from mentors, teachers, or professionals in the aviation field who can speak to your dedication, skills, and potential in the industry. If you have yet to embark on your aviation training, choose a mentor from another area where you excel.


Write a Compelling Answer: Craft a compelling answer that not only explains your interest in aviation but also ties it to the Alaskan community. Explain how receiving this scholarship would enable you to make a more significant impact in Alaskan Aviation. Expanding within your writing is strongly recommended but not required.


Complete and Organize Application Materials: Ensure that all application materials, including essays, transcripts, recommendation letters, and any supplementary documents, are well-organized and submitted according to the scholarship's guidelines.


Follow Instructions and Deadlines: Adhere strictly to the application instructions and deadlines provided by the scholarship committee. Missing deadlines or failing to follow instructions can significantly impact your chances, regardless of your qualifications.


Remember, the scholarship selection process often involves a committee that evaluates applicants based on a holistic view, taking into account not just academic achievements but also personal attributes, dedication, and potential contributions to the field of interest. The committee wants to see evidence of commitment and resilience.  That could mean stories of athletic achievement, overcoming obstacles in your personal life, or developing a challenging skill.  The more you can share about who you are will help the committee determine if you can be successful in your aviation pursuits.

Writing more is not required but we recommend a few paragraphs be written when applicable. Therefore, presenting a well-rounded and passionate portrayal of your commitment to Alaskan Aviation is crucial in enhancing your chances of obtaining the scholarship.

Past Recipients
Livia Putzel
Livia Putzel

“Around five years ago, I left my hometown of Anchorage behind without a clear vision of where I wanted to specialize. Having tried my hand at a variety of skills and crawled my way through clunky pandemic-era curriculum, I realized that I need a career that incorporates intellectual and hands-on problem solving in equal measure. If my foray into aircraft maintenance is any indication, I found exactly what I was looking for — a significant step towards being “the girl who can fix anything”. When my year of intensive training is complete, I hope there will be a space for me in the place I left all those years ago. I can’t imagine something more rewarding than belonging to a field that needs me as much as I need it.”

 Nelliann Smith
Nelliann Smith

"Hi, my name is Nelliann, I am from Tuntutuliak, AK located southwest 30 miles from Bethel Alaska. I received my Private Pilot license recently and now continuing to pursue my Instrument rating all the way to Commercial rating. Being from a small village and also a Native Yupik pilot is something unspeakably inspirational for me. Knowing that I am making a difference for the younger generation is incredible and I hope they follow their dreams just as I am. I would like to thank the Alaska Airmen’s Association for allowing me to finish my Private Pilot license through the scholarship! I am truly thankful and hope your organization grows over the years!"


A promise statement to Applicants and Donors


The Alaska Airmen's Association is committed to ensure everyone is given an equal and fair chance to obtain financial help through scholarships provided by the Airmen and the Aviation Community of Alaska. The selection process of applicants are not conducted by the staff or Board of Directors directly; rather, a specialized volunteer committee made up of local aviation professionals is entrusted with the task of choosing individuals who exemplify unwavering dedication, a profound interest, genuine passion, and consistent efforts towards advancing in the dynamic and ever-evolving career field of aviation.


the path to success

recommendations to help you achieve your scholarship goals


If at first, you don’t succeed, try again!

The process of securing scholarships can be competitive, and not receiving a scholarship after your first attempt is a common experience. If you aren’t selected there will be more opportunities, so don’t sweat too much, reflect, and keep a lookout. Follow our Socials or become a NextGen Member.


NextGen Membership (if applicable)
strongly recommended, but not required to apply:

If applicable, be an active participant in NextGen programs or initiatives. However, it's not a requirement.  If NextGen is not for you,  emphasize your dedication and involvement in other relevant aviation programs or organizations.


Expand on your passions

Clearly articulate your passion for General Aviation in Alaska. Reflect the passion in your essays, and answers. Share stories or experiences that sparked this interest and detail how this passion has grown over time.


Community Involvement and Efforts:

Actively participate and volunteer your community. Whether it's Aviation or other ways you have helped your community, we want to know!  One way you can start is by joining Airmen Events, contribute time, effort, or skills towards the improvement or promotion of aviation in Alaska.


Express Interest in Alaska-Specific Aviation:

Research and showcase your knowledge of the unique challenges and opportunities within Alaska's aviation industry. Discuss how your education and experiences align with addressing these challenges or contributing to the growth and development of Alaskan aviation. If you have experience in Aviation, let us know!


Commitment to Stay in Alaska:

Emphasize your intentions to contribute to and remain within the Alaskan aviation sector after training. Highlight how your education, skills, and aspirations align with the needs of Alaska's aviation industry and your desire to positively impact the local community.