President’s Report

President’s Report – Transponder  

Greetings Airmen’s Association Members, 

Fall is here and I’m hopeful you’re getting out to fly around and see the incredible fall colors.  I always enjoy this time of year as life starts to slow back down a little and we settle back into our normal routine.  This last summer went by quicker than we would have liked but we were fortunate to get some great flying in and see friends in different parts of the state. 

Now that October is here, we are turning our attention to the upcoming Airmen’s Association board retreat.  Every October we meet as a board while focusing on the future of the Alaska Airmen’s Association.  We plan to cover our long-term goals as well as goals for the upcoming year.  The last few years have been challenging while working through a pandemic, moving the Gathering to Palmer, hiring of a new Executive Director, and working on areas of improvement for a greater experience for our members.  I enjoy the retreat as it affords us time to work together as a team for the betterment of the Alaska Airmen’s Association. 

As most are aware, we have put a big spotlight on our Scholarship program.  We continue to believe this is one of the key components to growing our next generation.  If you are interested in donating to the program, please reach out to Abby Austin, our Executive Director.  We are thankful to all who have donated and look forward to continuing to build this forward. 

Who’s excited about this year’s raffle plan?  I know we are and eager to begin the reveal process.  Tickets will go on sale later this month and I hope you will all consider buying a ticket.  We are planning to put a focus on flying Alaska this year so look for new video released that highlights our kind of aviation. 

Thanks again to all of you for your membership and commitment to the Alaska Airmen’s Association. 

Fly safe, 

Stephen Ratcliff 


Alaska Airmen’s Association 

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