NextGen Spotlight

By Regan Tunstall

Ground School / Upward Bound Students 

Last fall, we hosted an online ground school program partnering with T3 Alliance to offer a subsidized ground school. Angle of Attack and FLY8MA also partnered with us, offering their courses for the registered students. With 81 students who signed up, we had 17 from the Upward Bound Program and three from that group who have already passed their part 107 exams and became licensed drone pilots! Congratulations to Ander Edens, Spencer Petticrew and Sean McDonald! The three students from Wrangell High School traveled to Juneau where they passed the FAA Part 107 exam. Brian Reggiani, a T3 Alaska Student Engagement Lead and Claire Froehlich from the US Forest service, accompanied the students during their journey. We couldn’t be more thrilled for these students who are achieving their goals and making their way in the aviation industry! 

Article by T3 Alaska: 

About the Upward Bound Program from University of Alaska Anchorage:  

“Upward Bound prepares students to successfully complete high school and enroll in postsecondary education by providing academic advising, career exploration, tutoring, college planning, college tours, cultural enrichment experiences, leadership opportunities and more. The program also emphasizes academic preparation in science, math, world languages and literature by offering a highly challenging and engaging academic summer component.” 

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