2022 Raffle Plane, a Carbon Cub FX-3, Built by Alaskans

Read About The FX-3 Build Timeline Below

October 1st

  • Raffle fundraiser begins. Tickets on-sale.

Phase 1: November 15th - 19th

Monday the 15th
  • Cut and prepare carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other materials for wing bows, cowling, engine baffles, floorboard and more.
  • Cut the fabric envelops for the wings, fuselage, landing gear, and tail feathers, along with the ballistic materials for the rear seat.
  • Cut tubes, fabricate bushings on CNC lathes, and work with manual mills.


Tuesday the 16th
  • Drill, bend, and compress various tubes.
  • Produce leading- and trailing-edge ribs for the flaps and ailerons on the press.
Wednesday the 17th
  • Form the instrument panel.
  • Arrange tubing to be welded into the fuselage, stabilizers, elevators, and rudder.
  • Prepare landing gear for welding.
Thursday the 18th
  • Assemble the flaps and ailerons.
Friday the 19th
  • Cut wiring for various electronics and avionics.
  • Cut and crimp control cables, assemble wheels and tires, and trim the windshield.

Phase 2: February 28th - March 1st

  • The Phase 2 build crew heads to Yakima to assemble the FX3.
  • The FAA inspects the aircraft for airworthiness.