Presidents Report

Stephen Ratcliff

Greetings Airmen’s Members,
Happy New Year and I hope everyone has had a nice end to a fun 2023. Looking back on the past year,
there’s so much to be thankful for. I’m excited to begin 2024 with some really great features in store for
the Alaska Airmen’s Association and our members.
We wrapped up our Board retreat in December and have a good plan for not only 2024 but also for the
years ahead. We continue to work to support the pillars of the organization to Protect, Preserve, and
Promote general aviation in Alaska. To put this into context on “how”, we continue to build the
foundation through growth in our Next Gen and Scholarship programs. We are committed to remaining
on the front line with collaboration and effective communication on advocacy. On promotion, we are
embarking on a 5-year goal for the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering that will further promote General
Aviation in Alaska, with a push towards an even greater experience for our members. Suffice to say, there
is a lot in store for 2024 and we are all thankful to be a part of it!
As we close out 2023, thank you for your support, time investment, and membership in the Alaska
Airmen’s. It has been a great year to be a part of and looking forward to a successful 2024.

Happy New Year and Fly safe,
Stephen Ratcliff
Alaska Airmen’s Association

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