NextGen Aviation Camp

Aug 07, 2021 10:00AM—4:00PM


Alaska Aviation Museum 4721 Aircraft Dr, Anchorage, AK 99502


Event Contact Will Day | Email

If your child is 9-13 years old, join us on August 7th for the Alaska Airmen’s Association’s first-ever NextGen Aviation Camp!


  • Tour the Alaska Aviation Museum!
  • Walk inside a Boeing airliner and a Grumman Goose!
  • Eat lunch on the lawn (weather permitting) and watch float planes come and go!
  • Take a free EAA Young Eagles flight in a small airplane! (click here to learn more about the EAA’s Young Eagles flight program). Young Eagles Flights are now full.
  • Participate in hands-on, STEM, aviation activities!


  • 9–13-year-old youth may be registered.
  • August 7th at 4721 Aircraft Dr, Anchorage, AK 99502 (click here for directions)
  • Check-in starts at 9:30 AM and pick-up is at 4 PM. Parents and guardians can drop their kids off or stick around for the event.
  • Registration is first-come-first-served, so sign up quickly!
  • A free sack lunch will be provided to all youth participants. Youth with dietary restrictions and preferences and adults will need to provide their own lunch. Adults should bring their own food.


9:30 AM – 10 AM: Check-in and drop off: Parents and guardians will arrive, check-in with our staff, and drop off their child. A parent or legal guardian is required to sign a waiver.

10 AM – 11 AM: Museum Tour: campers will be split into two groups to tour the Alaska Aviation Museum with museum staff.

11 AM – 12 PM: First two aviation STEM activity stations (see the list below).

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM: Lunch

12:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Remaining aviation STEM activity stations*:

  • Airport Operations/Air Traffic Control: learn how Air Traffic Controllers direct airplanes at airports, preventing collisions.
  • Aviation Game Show: test your aviation knowledge in this Jeopardy-like game.
  • Build a glider: turn a foam plate into a glider and learn how airplanes are controlled in flight.
  • Build and launch a rocket!
  • Forces of Flight: witness the craftsmanship and forces that go into making airplanes fly!
  • Pre-Flight: a Civil Air Patrol pilot demonstrates how to prepare for each flight, making their trips as safe as possible.
  • Egg-drop: Build a parachute to keep a falling egg from cracking on impact.
  • Hands-on aircraft mechanic activity

3:30 PM – 4:00 PM: Explore aviation exhibits and learn from volunteers.

  • Boeing airliner & a professional airline pilot
  • State Trooper Aircraft & a State Trooper
  • Civil Air Patrol airplane & a Civil Air Patrol member
  • Lake Amphibian & a pilot

4 PM – 4:30 PM: Pick-up. Activities end, and parents and guardians arrive to pick up their kids.

EAA YOUNG EAGLES DISCOVERY FLIGHTS (FREE) Young Eagles Flights are now full.

EAA Young Eagles discovery flights will begin after lunch. Registered youth will be assigned a time slot for their flight. Kids will take a van to the Lake Hood airstrip, where they will meet their pilot, learn about their aircraft, and take a flight! Once they have completed the flight, they will return to the museum and resume scheduled activities.

*Our STEM aviation activity stations were inspired by the Youth Aviation Adventure curriculum.