2021 Seldovia Fly-In

This year’s annual Seldovia Fly-In was not advertised or posted anywhere. Someone had to tell you it was happening.

An unknown pilot and his cub blast off abruptly, leaving the crowd wondering why he even needed a runway at all.

Nearly 100 aircraft landed and filled the small gravel tie-down area by Saturday morning. The usual faces and crews attended. Tents were erected, and every hotel room in the village was booked. There were no food trucks, no brands, and no ulterior agenda. This was a gathering of friends and friendly rivals.

The obligatory STOL comp dominated Saturday morning, and the crowd dutifully attended. No metal was seriously bent, though rumor has it a tailwheel may have been sacrificed to the gravel gods.

All said: blue skies, good people, burgers, and headwinds.

Geoff Oliver tap dances across the threshold.
Lukas Stutzer makes the crowd wonder whether the Helio shouldn’t be considered a rotorcraft.
Rod Hanson’s C185 rockets down the strip.
Rodney Schuerman’s unique PA17.
Stephen Spence and Green Bean doing what only Spence can do.
Mark Hasner and his C170 levitating over the threshold.

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